Our main countries we ship to are Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada. We have perfected the way we ship to Australia, New Zealand and other high risk and strong custom countries so we have a 99% shipping rate to Australia, New Zealand and other high risk and strong custom countries. We ship discreetly, our stealth makes it perfect for all packages to go through any custom in the world. We double vacuum seal all packages and place them in a myler barrier bags, alcohol is used to clean the packages several times in order to keep away the sniffer dogs.

As stated above that we have a 99% shipping rate worldwide, this means that only 1% of packages can be taken by customs or get missing, that’s 1 package out of 100 packages, if that ever happens, we’ll do a 60% re-ship at no extra cost or a 30% refund of amount paid, we can’t take 100% lost as well as we can’t levy a 100% lost on customers. No refund if there’s a failure delivery because of wrong address and package is sent back to a bunk address.

We ship from grams to several kilos, we supply High quality and uncut 99% pure and clear Crystal meth, Raw uncut cocaine, High quality uncut black tar, China-white and #4 Heroin, high quality Ketamine, MDMA, Alprazolam, Pseudoephedrine, Actavis promethazine, pain pills, 4-ACO-DMT, APVP, U47700 and more.

We actually supply so many products but Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Heroin and Ketamine are our specialty. We only use USPS, DHL and FedEx to ship so we don’t use any other shipping company based on buyers choice. Order from GLOBAL DRUG SHOP with confidence where a well experienced team will be able to supply you with high quality products and ship to you discreetly in a timely manner.